Url Generation Issue

i am a real Noob in Grav (i just installed it yesterday)

i am encountering an annoying behiavour in the URL generation and i woul like to understand if it’s about some wrong config of mine or another kind of issue…

I will take you some examples:

My actual domain (it’s a free one) is:

i would expect the admin area will be


instead it is at:

at the same time if i create a top level page es:
it will give me a 404 not found until i dont write

now: kindsgar is the name of my account, and public_html is the default ftp folder in wich i put the grav files…

is it normal? how i can fix this?



It’s not normal and is something related to the virtualhost setup on your webserver. Currently Grav calculates the host and default path information automatically. It’s only ever been a problem at one host in Cz, what host are you hosting with?


I am hosting with x10hosting free plan