Session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module

Dear members,

I am trying to have grav running in raspberry pi, where I installed Arch Linux, nginx and php-fpm (not php5-fpm, because it is not
available in the repository in Arch Linux for arm).

I have a fresh install of grav, try to setup everything in nginx according to the guide on the official website.
Then I get the error message shown in the attached screenshot. I don’t know where to start …
Could anyone give a hint?

Thank you so much~

Dear members,

meanwhile I found the solution to the above mentioned problem.

I have commented out the following line in /etc/php/php.ini
session.save_path = „/tmp“

Well, I did make some research on the web before I posted the question, but apparently duckduckgo sometimes still doesn’t wrk
as good as Google …

Thank you all the same. Grav is a great tool.