Memcached sessions

Hi guys, I’m new to Grav, just starting and I’m facing a problem that should be pretty simple. My servers have PHP configured to store sessions on memcache (using memcached driver) and apparently Grav is attempting to save a file, and it gives me some nasty errors about session creation.
I tried disabling sessions for a test but then I get into an infinite redirect loop problem.
Thing is, our sites are multihomed so memcache sessions are a must (to ensure the user will retain session data no matter which server is handling the request).
Am I missing something here or isn’t it possible to save sessions on memcache?

OK guys, I figured this out myself so I’m posting the solution here in case it helps someone else with a similar problem.
Grav is actually saving the session memcached just fine, it turns out this was a little “error” on my php.ini file.
I’m using the memcached extension (the one with the D at the end) and according to documentation, the server list should NOT have tcp:// at beggining.
Basically the session.save_path should be “” and mine was "tcp://"
Turns out WordPress doesn’t care about it and it works anyway, but Grav didn’t.
I fixed my php.ini and Grav is working fine now!