Sample Grav Sites - Part II


Hi everyone, I just deployed our first Grav Project:

Coming from mostly WordPress in the recent years, this project was so much fun and I had moments where I couldn’t believe I wasted so much time trying to do things right in WP when Grav already did most of these out of the box. A good codebase, a good template engine and the infinitely better image processing go a long way!

It’s not perfect at all but getting the hang of Grav was quite easy, also the generic stock photography will soon™ be removed.

@Lasse That is some really good SEO work, kudos!

Sitewide Forms and caching

Thanks! :wink: SEO is still my favorite marketing channel.


Continuing the discussion from Sample Grav Sites - Part II:

And yet another Grav based site now available promoting my c# cv.

The theme was derived from Antimatter, modified to use Bootstrap 4 and employs quite a few decorations.

To speed things up the really useful blackhole plugin has been utilized on the static pages.

Thoughts and suggestions gratefully received…


Hey there :wave:t3:,

I launched my first Grav Website earlier this year.
It’s nothing special, but I worked on it for my own.

Tell me what you think. :v:t3:

PS: The website is only in german, sorry :sweat_smile: