Sample Grav Sites - Part II

We should contiune the ‘sample grav sites’ thread from the old forum! So everyone can post their latest projects. What do you guys think?

Well there’s this Showcase category where you already can post about your projects. Personally I don’t think there is a need for one topic specifically dedicated to showcase your works, especially when there’s a category for it.

I see your point, but it seems like not manny people are posting their works since you need to start your own thread for it.
Therefor I really liked the idea of a collective post for showing your sites, especially because there was much more discussions going on.

I finished my website few days ago. It’s just a Small page, but GRAV is a great tool. :wink:


Great looking site. How did you abbreviate the languages up top? I assume you are using the plugin langswitcher. Mine is showing the full work. Example: English. I would like it to show ‘en’ instead.

Thanks @duceduc. Yes, I’m using the great langswitcher plugin.

For the short names just copy the langswitcher.html.twig file (user/plugins/langswitcher/templates/partials/langswitcher.html.twig) into your partials folder (user/themes/YOUR_THEME_NAME/templates/partials) and in the <a> Tag change the {{ native_name(language)|capitalize }} to {{ language|capitalize }}.

In my case I’m using the |upper twig filter function to Transforms all characters to uppercase.

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Sweet!! Working. Thanks.

One more question @csabagyorsok
How do you change the language in the navigation menu and the footer section?

The Easiest Way to change it, use the GRAV Admin plugin (pages > SELECT ANY PAGE > advanced > overrides > menu).
If you want a special URL too, you can read abut routing here:

I would have looked in the admin plugin for changing the menu to different language. I think cookbook needs some updating. I was reading the multi-language park and no where it says about this or I have missed it.

Would you know the files location where the admin plugin is making these changes? I would like to see the coding/syntax of this.

Oh yea. This won’t work. I am using the woo site theme and the menu navigation tex is in the site.yaml

Hello, I’m using grav in my site:
Actually, I want add one page that can service custome pattern/design like
Can anyone help me give some a direction?

I like your website!

You’d want to change some wording though:
“Egal, ob Micro-Webseite, Onlineshop, professionelle Unternehmenswebseite oder Großprojekt, ich assistiere Ihnen, um Ihre Ziele zu erreichen. Die Automatisierung Ihrer Geschäftsabläufe und die Erweiterung Ihres Kundenstammes sollen unsere gemeinsame Zielsetzung sein.”
Ob Micro-Webseite, Onlineshop, Unternehmenswebseite oder Großprojekt, ich biete Ihnen professionelle Lösungen aus einer Hand. Um Ihre Ziele zu erreichen, assistiere ich oder setze Projekte eigenständig um. Die Automatisierung Ihrer Geschäftsabläufe und die Erweiterung Ihres Kundenstammes sollen unsere gemeinsame Zielsetzung sein.

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Many thanks! It is very kind of you Suzz!
… oder Vielen Dank! :wink:
I’ll correct the sentences.

Here is my completed Far From Home site.
It is nowhere near at a customized level, but will change the color scheme in the future when time permits.

Skeleton used: Photographer Site as main. Blog Site for the blog portion.

There were some broken codes with the skeleton Photographer Site, but I managed to get it working again. I actually vectored the camera icon since I couldn’t find one close to matching.



started one of my sites around 1 year ago, based on the hpstr theme . I did quite some tweaking to get a solid one pager:

The mobile design still needs to improve (e.g. better typography, wrapping questions into javascript toggles etc.). Feel free to reach out if you have some recommendations :wink: In other CMS (like wordpress) I’m solving that with shortcode-plugins.

And there are quite some performance issues on my ToDo list :wink:

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Hey duceduc,

I just visited your website ffh and I like the way you made it.
It’s giving me some ideas for my own website, but I first need to learn a lot about website making, and finish my own quite simple site before that.

DJ Dakta

(english is not my first language)

Thanks for the compliment. I am on the same boat as you and am learning as I go. Some of the skeleton themes look great and I find it not necessary to have a heavy make-over. Just edit the necessaries. There are some themes the codes need to be fixed, however. Good luck with your customization!!

The sites looks very clean. Simple is great a times. My D-Link router is using the ddwrt firmware. Hehehe.

I am currently playing with WP and wrapping my head around their coding, especially about shortcode.

We just finished our website using Grav. Let me know what you guys think! It’s a custom theme based on Zurb Foundation, with heavy use of modular pages.