Running Grav build-in webserver: Apache not installed, skipping

I’m setting up the Grav Web Server, and so far so good. I do have apache installed but after running http://localhost:8000 I get the page where it checks to make sure all of the dependencies are installed. This is one line:

Apache Modules: Apache not installed, skipping...

Is Apache required for it to work? I’ve installed it before, but maybe it just needs to be started.


Is Apache required for it to work?

One either uses Apache, or IIS, or Nginx, or PHP Webserver shipped with Grav, or … They have no interdependency.


You are running $ bin/grav server and not Apache. The check detected Apache is not running the current website and hence it skips all checks required for Apache. It’s therefor shown in green (aka success/passed/OK).

Note, as said in the installation guide about PHP Webserver:

This is a useful tool for quick development, and should not be used in place of a dedicated web server such as Apache or Nginx.