Rewrite .htaccess file

is there any factors will rewrite or change the .htaccess file? I tried to set the “Redirect default route” of system and Redirects & Routes of site. but nothing happens to .htaccess file. (it seems not work on Redirects & Routes of site configuration.

You have to manually edit your .htaccess file. Grav doesn’t (and shouldn’t).

Redirect and routes work on a different (PHP) level.

could i put the .htaccess file to http config? Our sysadmin wouldn’t allow us “AllowOverride All”

All you really need is AllowOverride FileInfo,Indexes, and even then, most servers disable indexing anyway, so even if your sysadmin gave you just FileInfo, things should work. You can of course put the rewrite rules into the main config, but I doubt very much your sysadmin wants to do that.

thank you