Problem with rewrite or routing

after installation, any other URL than the root with end in a 404 not found error, if I remove .htaccess, it looks like I could access other page if I knew what to type after index.php, that’s why I suspect the rewrite process…
What can I do ?

Did you try this:

If AllowOverride is set to None or anything other than All, you will need to change it to All and save. This change will require a reset of your Apache server to register.

From: Learn Grav: Troubleshoot htaccess

Thank you, it was the problem ! I had already checked it but I used the wrong syntax… Here how I did for the next people : in /etc/apache2/sites-available/monbloggrav.conf I added "<Directory “/var/www/grav”>
AllowOverride all
then sudo service apache2 reload !

Thanks again.