Install instructions for Hiawatha?

I would like to install GRAV on Hiawatha, and am wondering how this is possible.
I have PHP-FPM installed and am running as FastCGI.

php -version
PHP 5.6.22 (cli) (built: May 26 2016 15:36:45)
Copyright © 1997-2016 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.6.0, Copyright © 1998-2016 Zend Technologies

What do I need to enable or change to make GRAV install and work.
I see mention to mod_rewrite, and also Hiawatha does not use .htaccess files.

I will be installing GARV as a sub domain for testing. so how will this work as
regards installing, will there be a problem as it will be in a sub folder off root folder.

Any help would be much appreciated

Thanks, john

That’s probably the first time this web server is mentioned here.

I assume you already have PHP working. You need to setup a set of rewrite rules (see For example, these are the rewrite rules for Caddy:

Hi flaviocopes, thanks forvresponding, the link opens an error page.
I have php working. but if GRAV is setup for .htaccess will it install on hiawatha, and just not run properly, a lot will dependvon the install script and what it looks for.
Could a developer look at this and tell me if it is correct or alter it to suit.

UrlToolkit {
ToolkitID = grav

Match base64_encode[^(]([^)]) DenyAccess
Match (<|%3C)([^s]s)+cript.(>|%3E) DenyAccess
Match GLOBALS(=|[|%[0-9A-Z]{0,2}) DenyAccess
Match _REQUEST(=|[|%[0-9A-Z]{0,2}) DenyAccess

Match ^/(.git|cache|bin|logs|backup|webserver-configs)/(.) DenyAccess
Match ^/(system|vendor)/(.
).(txt|xml|md|html|yaml|php|pl|py|cgi|twig|sh|ba t)$ DenyAccess
Match ^/(user)/(.*).(txt|md|yaml|php|pl|py|cgi|twig|sh|bat)$ DenyAccess
Match .md$ DenyAccess
Match ^/(LICENSE.txt|composer.lock|composer.json|.htaccess)$ DenyAccess

RequestURI exists Return
Match .* Rewrite /index.php

This was supplied by the Hiawatha Developer, but he did not test it.
Perhaps someone on here will know to look at it if it is suitable, or is in a position to alter it to suit, or try it out, I could try installing GRAV, but I would not be able to tell if it is this script of my lack of experience in other fields that
may be causing any errors.

Regards, john

Is this file a part of GRAV, saw it under web server configurations for Grav on Git, but it is not like the rest in that it does not pertain to a particular server that I know of.
If this is a part of Grav, then does it need modified before or after
installation or even modified at all.

Regards, john

web.config is the configuration file used by Microsoft IIS server. If you would like to submit a PR to add that Hiawatha config file, that would be great.

Hi rhukster, long time since I thought of IIS,
I don’t know what a PR is let alone how to add one, sorry, but if you mean adding the code snippet I posted above with the others on Git, perhaps someone would need to test it first.

Regards, john

Tried to add a PR to have the rewrite code for hiawatha installations added to the installation section but link greyed out on GitHub, so cant do so.
Regards, john

First let’s make sure it works :slight_smile:

I have never used that web server so you are the one to test-drive it, if you want to use it. I can set it up tomorrow to check, but I have to do it from scratch so it will take some time.

If that config file was provided you by the web server developer, then it should definitely work, let us know!

I posted another thread in relation to two install errors I got when trying to install GRAV on Hiawatha, but because of the code in this post I need to explain there is a small typo in it, at the end of one line, there is ba t ,there should be no space and it should read bat ,Hiawatha pointed to the line of code having an error and when I looked it was obvious.
As this post was mainly about the script that is required for the hiawatha.conf file.
I will post back here to let people know if the script works, otherwise I will post in my new thread regarding the install problems that have most likely nothing to do
with hiawatha.

Regards, john

For anyone who might run across this later, I used the post above with the latest files in the github repository for server configuration to create the following:

UrlToolkit {
	ToolkitID = getgrav
	Match base64_encode[^(]\([^)]\) DenyAccess
	Match (<|%3C)([^s]s)+cript.(>|%3E) DenyAccess
	Match GLOBALS(=|\[|\%[0-9A-Z]{0,2}) DenyAccess
	Match _REQUEST(=|\[|\%[0-9A-Z]{0,2}) DenyAccess
	Match ^/(.git|cache|bin|logs|backup|webserver-configs|tests)/(.) DenyAccess
	Match ^/(system|vendor)/(.)\.(txt|xml|md|html|yaml|php|pl|py|cgi|twig|sh|bat )$ DenyAccess
	Match ^/(user)/(.)\.(txt|md|yaml|php|pl|py|cgi|twig|sh|bat)$ DenyAccess
	Match \.md$ DenyAccess
	Match ^/(LICENSE.txt|composer.lock|composer.json|\.htaccess)$ DenyAccess
	RequestURI isfile Return
	RequestURI exists Return
	Match [^?]*(\?.*)? Rewrite /index.php$1

This works for me so far installing and using Grav ( only played around with it for a day so far ). Version used via the download If I come across any more issues I can post them here.