.htaccess file is not allow by web host

Hello, my web host (t-online) do not allow .htaccess file. Is there still a way to run Grav without .htaccess or I can only change my host?

You will have to change hosts. 2 reasons for this:

  1. Grav requires htacess
  2. Must be a pretty terrible host to now allow .htaccess files

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: Now I’m decide to change the host.

@rhukster Hi, is it possible to put the content of the .htaccess directly in the httpd configuration file of the web site ? In a <Directory /> tag ?

Personally i don’t see a problem with that … but maybe Grav have some particularities.


@hs0ucy there’s nothing stopping you to do that, .htaccess is simply the most convenient way in Apache.

@flaviocopes Oki, thanks :slight_smile:

Well of course you can use a vhost config, however, if your host doesn’t allow .htaccess, there’s no way they would allow you to create or modify a vhost entry :slight_smile:

@rhukster At work our sysadmins doesn’t love .htaccess files ^^

Ok that’s some situation where you ask them to set some settings, and they do it for you?

@flaviocopes Yes, something like that.