LOGO Changes

Hi all, please help. How do I insert a new png logo into the GRAV one page theme antimatter?.

Try this post. Should point you in the right direction.

Thanks a lot, will check it out.

Managed to get the logo to show. But it also shows the path text /biz/user/images/logo.png to the left of the imageā€¦please help.

screenshot please? or link to your site?


the path is output from the Twig:

<img src="/biz/user/images/logo.png">

So you must be outputtting it before the image.

Thanks. Still lost though - I am slightly challenged with code, but learning - This is what I have in base.html.twig

{{ config.site.logo }}

etc etc etc

sorted it, thanks for the point in the right direction.

I assume any changes to a theme, like adding a logo, would be over-written when the theme is updated?

I just had this happen when updating the SoraArticle theme. My logo change disappeared. Still getting used to how I can customize a theme I guess. :slight_smile:

If you change something in a theme that is part of the theme, then yes it will get overwritten. The best approach is to use theme inheritance Then you only provide stuff you want to override/change in your custom theme, and let the base theme your inheriting from get update freely.