Agency skeleton: How to change site title to custom logo

Hi guys, I am doing some customisations to this great theme and I would like to change site title shown on left at navigation bar to my logo (PNG). Any hint would be welcomed… :blush:

Hi @WhiteWolfSix, I have not used that theme myself but it looks configurable in the site.yaml file in your /user/config/ folder:

Hope the above works for you!

Hi @paulhibbitts thank you for you reply but I am not sure if I got what you mean. :roll_eyes:

No problem @WhiteWolfSix🙂 What you need to do is edit the file site.yaml in your Grav site folder /user/config/ and change the field title: from Grav to the name that you want for the site - is that any clearer?

BTW, I changed the highlighted line above to indicate which line to edit, at first I thought it was the second title field…

@paulhibbitts I don’t need to change name of the site. I need to replace displaying the name of the site by my logo in PNG format.

That does not seem to be supported by that theme currently @WhiteWolfSix, you would need to write some custom Twig for that (with first making an inherited theme so any theme updates will not overwrite your changes)

Well, that was what I thought. Anyway, thanks for your replies.

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You have to change your navigation.html.twig template in usr/themes/agency/templates/partials

<a class="navbar-brand page-scroll" href="#page-top">{{site.title}}</a>


<img src='{{ theme_url }}/images/logo.jpg' style='display: block' alt='{{ site.title }}' />

and put your logo in usr/themes/agency/images

But it’s better you use theme inheritence. Just read the documentation link by paulhibbits above.

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Thank you @arank for your advice, it helps me to solve my problem.