Site Title replace with image

Greetings - I have figured out 2 ways to change the Site Title (default GRAV) to be an image.
1 - (replace antimatter with theme of choice for site)
edit this file user/themes/antimatter/templates/partials/base.html.twig such that the <div id="logo"><h3> points to an image, e.g.
<h3><a href="{{ base_url == '' ? '/' : base_url }}"><img src="user/pages/images/some_image.jpg" width="92" height="69"></a></h3>

2 - This seemed more hacky than I like, so I also figured out I can simply add <img src="user/pages/images/some_image.jpg" width="92" height="69"> in the Site Title field using the grav-admin plugin on the Configuration: Site panel. However, when I do this, the title of the page, as the web brower tells you is <img src="user/page... rather than either the web address or something nice like the default Home | Grav.

Is there a way to have the title show text, and still show the image with a simple command in the Site Title? Maybe by modifying the title field in the user/config/site.yaml file to add text and suppress the <img src...? I am also relatively inexperienced with html, so there maybe some obvious solution, but I lack the jargon to do a good google search.

The solution 1 works fine and controls the Title nicely - maybe it is perfectly acceptable, so I am writing for recommendations of more experienced users.


sorry - meant to say I learned how to do 1 from a grav forum