Remove item from multiple language blog

For a client I am making a blog in 2 languages (NL & EN). Some items are only in one of the languages and so should not appear on the blog page of the other language and not in the archive of that language either…
I’ve tried several possibilities, even with Javascript, but no solution yet. Hope somebody can help me.

@TonHaarmans, Have you tried the following setting in ‘/user/config/system.yaml’:

  supported: [nl, en]
    nl: [nl]
    en: [en]

Great! That did it!!! Thanks.

@TonHaarmans, Nice!

Kind reminder… To enrich the forum, please mark replies providing a solution, or leading to a solution, as ‘solution’.

By doing so, people having a similar issue can see a post provides a solution. Others who are willing to answer a post do not needlessly have to open a post to discover it has already been solved. Thanks!

Yes, I’m sorry. I did now. Thanks for reminding.