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I’m setting up a blog page. Blog posts can be in English or in Dutch, but not all posts are available in both languages. So some folders only have the and some others only have the files

On the “overview” page for English, I only see items that are in English.
On the “overview” page for Dutch, I see both English and Dutch entries.
I think this is because English is the fallback language - if an item is missing in Dutch, any English version is shown instead.

How can I fix that?
I’ve tried an empty file, but that seems to confuse Grav even more.
I’ve tried making a “proper” file for English and set it to “published: false” following a 2016 forum post, but that doesn’t work (it is still in the overview, and the forum post has no “solved”).

best regards and tanks for your help,

@KlaasHDec, Have you had a chance to read the docs? Especially about content_fallback in section Language Configuration?

There is reading, and then there is reading and understanding.

  en: ['en']
  nl: ['nl']

seems to do it.

Thank you very much,

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