Posts multi language

Hi all,

I’m a newbie with Grav and I have a question regarding multi language support.
I’m setting up a blog with grav in two languages. However, some posts are in english and others are in dutch which, sometimes, are not the translation of english posts.
Grav displays all posts on homepage without taking into account language selected. It seems it doesn’t filter posts.

Does it a issue with theme (I use pinpress) or I do something wrong?

Thanks in advance for all your answers!

Kind regards


The default behavior is to fall back to the default language of a post even if it’s not translated.

The best way tot change this is to create a translated page for the post you don’t want to display and set published: false. This will ensure the page is ‘found’ but not displayed.

Many thanks for you quick answer and for this workaround. It works well!