Remember entered tags

Hello everyone : )
I’m having a hard time finding solution to a pretty simple question.

I want to create a new page, in which you have a list field with entries. In every entry, you have the possibility to add differents tags in a tag field.
And I want that when you enter a new tag in the field, it’ll be remembered for another entry.

I’ve have my taxonomy in config.yalm, created a field taxonomy in my blueprint. What am I missing ?

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

@edi0th, I don’t think Admin offers this possibility which means you’ll have to write your own JavaScript…

A compromise could be to only offer a list of tags that have previously been saved by the page. From within the blueprint, you can call a custom plugin which collects and returns all previously used tags. These tags can then be shown as ‘options’ in a selectize field.

To call the function in the custom plugin you can use something like data-options@: '\Grav\Plugin\MyPlugin::usedTags'. See the docs.

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thanks :pray: I’m going to try that !