Blog children not accessible


Although my blog main page is accessible here it is impossible to access its children (for example will go nowhere) ; if you try from the dropdown menu, same thing.

The blog search is also impossible.

The blog archives are accessible but the same problem occurs when you click on an item link (example : October 2020 -> Revue Hebdo du 19/10/20).

I can’t understand how to set the whole thing right (it stopped to work after an update [I think] many months ago).

I would appreciate some help :slight_smile:

I suspect there are errors showing up in your <grav-root>/logs/grav.log that would give you some insight.

Have you checked here? How about switching on the debugger?


Thanks for your answer,

I just tried

  • to access one blog page (children)
  • to search one word

Here are the logs

[2020-11-01 16:48:12] grav.CRITICAL: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded - Trace: #0 /var/www/html/ Whoops\Run->handleError(1, ‘Maximum executi…’, ‘/var/www/html/k…’, 125) #1 /var/www/html/ Whoops\Run->handleShutdown() #2 [internal function]: Grav\Common\Errors\SystemFacade->handleShutdown() #3 {main} [] []

I don’t know what “switching on the debugger” means, though :thinking:

@Khrys -

At this point I would have a lot of questions about your system setup - starting with theme and plugins. Then specifically, what is the template of the blog children doing?

SInce the page is timing out, is there something that would be blocking during the rendering? Are you accessing another site to pull in data?

The theme is personalized but based on Antimatter. I have a lot of plugins (it began with a framasite and then I migrated on my own server ; I don’t fully understand the whole grav thing). Where would that template for the blog children be situated in (what file in what directory) ?

Here are the plugins that are on :

Admin Panel v1.9.17

Archives v2.0.1

Backup Manager v0.1.6

BlogInjector v1.2.3

Bootstrapper v2.0.0

Breadcrumbs v1.6.0

Custom CSS v0.2.2

Editable With SimpleMDE v1.1.2

Email v3.0.9

Error v1.7.1

Feed v1.7.1

Form v4.1.2

Frontend Edit Button v1.2.2

Gravstrap v1.2.3

Highlight v1.4.2

JSComments v2.2.1

LangSwitcher v1.4.1

Language Selector v1.1.0

Login v3.3.6

Markdown Notices v1.0.4

MediaEmbed v1.3.0

Pagination v1.4.2

Problems v2.0.3

Related Pages v1.2.2

Shortcode Core v4.2.3

SimpleSearch v2.2.0

Taxonomy List v1.3.4

Twig Extensions v1.1.0

I have also Custom CSS v0.2.2 and LangSwitcherv1.4.1 but they are desactivated.

I dont’ access another site I am aware of.

I desactivated the plugins one by one it seems that the Related Pages plugin was messing around.