Readability plugin using PHP8.0 issues

I have upgraded my server to PHP 8.0, everything is fine so far with one exception.
The Readability plugin crashes the entire grav site.
Line 18 twig/FindResourceExtension.php uses the term ‘boolean’ instead of bool
booleon is an alias for bool and has been deprecated .
I changed it to ‘bool’ in the file and it fixed the compatibility issue.

However, another issue - when invoked the it just keeps running (circular icon) without actual doing anything.
In case it was due to PHP 8.0 I installed it on another server using PHP 7.4 and got the the same issue of not doing the readability check.
So assume it is a different issue.

Best to log both issues separately on the plugin repo. It hasn’t been updated in 2 years, so there actually might be more hidden issues. I know @OleVik is quite busy, but maybe he’ll pick up those.

Edit: I see bool issue is already logged (just the name doesn’t say much :angry:)

The boolean-issue has been fixed in v2.1.1, the other is under discussion. Adding issues to the repo is definitely the best channel to reach me, though triaging issues admittedly sadly happens every blue moon. The issue succinctly describes the problem and even has the description of a fix, which helps a lot.

Pull requests are also hugely helpful, they can be rapidly tested and reviewed, and I tend to merge them quickly with attribution.

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