Problems with "Reading Time" and "SmartyPants" plugin

Hello @all,

since I recently stumbled across to this project, Grav has won my heart. Many thanks, guys!

After installing latest Grav v0.9.13 and manually installed almost all plugins, I noticed that I can’t get the plugins Reading Time and SmartyPants to work. Maybe I’m too dumb, but after installing them into user/plugins and including

{{ page.content|readingtime }}

in user/thems/antimatter/templates/partials/blog_item.html.twig nothing happens. It looks like the filter readingtime is not available in the template.

The same goes for the SmartyPants plugin. Nothing happens. No smarty quotes appear :-/

Can anyone help me? What did I wrong or have to add to make the plugins working?

You have updated version of all plugins?

If you are manually installing the plugins and not using GPM, then you may need to clear the cache:

bin/grav clear

The GPM automatically does this for you BTW.

Sorry, I didn’t respond earlier. To be sure I re-installed Grav and updated all plugins and cleared the cache afterwards (by the way thanks for the tip, @rhukster). Unfortunately, it didn’t solved the problem. So I searchedfor my own and found that the correct usage in user/thems/antimatter/templates/partials/blog_item.html.twig should be

{{ page.content|reading_time }}

(with underscore between reading and time, see link to source) as one can see in the updated docs now.


Ok, SmartyPants also works. Maybe I haven’t realized the subtle changes last time, those mentioned in the docs.