Templates (sceleton) admin not work

I use shared hosting. No ssh. My GRAV installation (steps)
1 download sceleton https://getgrav.org/download/skeletons/deliver-site/1.2.0
2 unpack zip on my local machine
3 Upload to server via ftp
4 Test. All links works correctly. No 404 pages.
5 Creating admin: in /user/accounts/ create file admin.yaml (permissions 644)

email: myemail
fullname: MyName
title: Administrator
    login: true
    super: true
language: ru
authenticated: true
password: pass

6 go to http://mysite.com/admin - error 404


Skeletons don’t currently ship with the Admin plugin installed. If you check under user/plugins, you can see admin is missing.

Here’s how to install Admin