Quark Template Menu issue when using modular pages

I’m currently developing a site with Quark V 1.0.1 Theme and Grav v1.4.0-rc.2. Seems to work very good but having troubles when using modular pages. When I call a page with modular pages the menu in the top shows only the items of the modular pages.

i.e. I have a page with two modular pages ( Intro Hero, Slideshow ) the menu in the top shows these two menu items (Intro Hero, Slideshow). Is there a way to avoid this (configuration)? I expect to have the default menu as it is displayed when using standard pages.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thx for helping

Quark (like Antimatter) will show an on-page menu if unless there is a setting in the page header of the modular parent page that states:

onpage_menu: false

Exactly what I was looking for. Thx.