Modular pages not showing up in navigation

Hello, I’m using the Quark Theme and I’m trying to show all modular pages on root level as nav-items. All Pages except the “services” and “hero” subpages are set to visible and routable. Here’s my current structure:

As of this picture, I would like to show “Startseite”, “Dienstleistungen” and “Ausbildung” in the navigation bar. All current and upcoming modular subsites (e.g. “hero” or “services”) shouldn’t be visible in navigation.

Has anybody already faced this problem or could someone provide a solution for this?


@mcld, Showing child modules in the menu is enabled/disabled by setting onpage_menu: true/false in the frontmatter of

Have you tried that?

Wonderful! Thank you for your answer - worked for me :slight_smile: