Newbie: found theme variables


Trying my first steps with GRAVcms. I’m a Wordpress specialist, but will give this awesome cms a try.
So my first experience, trying building a site with the Quark theme.
After a lot of reading the ‘Learn’-section, it is not so easy understand at all at the first time.
Ok, it is like learn driving a car, it is another cms, so try learning a lot.
But i’m a little confusing: when try made a modular page a had the same issue like in this topic .
So adding:
onpage_menu: false
Now it’s work!
I searching if there other ‘hidden’ options are for this theme, but (as beginner) it is not easy found the variables/options that a theme has.
If looking to the Quark theme’s Github page i couldn’t found this variable :frowning:

Question: how can i found what variables/options are in a theme??

If I understand your question, you could see the possible theme options in two places I can think of:

  • in the Admin front end
  • by consulting the theme’s blueprint, which is essentially what drives the Admin theme options form.

Hope that helps.

Sorry for my poor English :confused:

  • in the admin are not all options available.
  • also not in the bleuprint

So it is not documented, if some options are possible/available for a specific theme.
ex: ‘onpage_menu’ isn’t find, if you don’t know that this is possible for the Quark-theme.

Ah, there must be other places where options are drawn from. This is outside my expertise, so I can probably not help you more, sorry :blush:

No problem. I appriciated your help :wink: