Add readingtime to each blog item in blog list

Hi, I’d like to know how to add the correct reading time in a blog list page. If I use page.content.readingtime it calculates the reading time of the list page, not the time of the single blog post page. I don’t know how to tell Grav to do that. Is that even possible?

Thanks in advance.

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@marcocevoli, Do you mean something like the following, where each blog item in the blog list shows its own reading time?

If so, you should add the the code snippet {{ page.content|readingtime }} to the template that draws the list items. In Quark that would be ‘/partials/blog-list-item.html.twig’

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That’s what I did. Actually, I have the list created inside a blog template, such as:

  	<div class="container">
  		<div class="row">
        {% for child in collection %}
  			<!-- Single Blog Grid -->
  			<div class="col-lg-6 col-md-6">
  				<div class="blog-grid-wrap mb-4">
  					<div class="blog-grid-thumb">
  						<a href="{{ child.url }}">
                <img src="{{|first.cropZoom(1920,900).cache.url() }}" class="img-responsive" alt="" />
  						<div class="bg-cat-info">
  							<h6>{% for cat in child.header.taxonomy.category %}{{ cat }}{% if not loop.last %},{% endif %} {% endfor %}</h6>
  							<span>{{|date('d') }} {{ 'GRAV.MONTHS_OF_THE_YEAR'|ta(|date('n') - 1) }} {{|date('Y') }}</span>
  					<div class="blog-grid-content">
  						<h4 class="cnt-gb-title">
                <a href="{{ child.url }}">{{ child.title }}</a>
  						<p>{{ child.summary(110) }}</p>
  					<div class="blog-grid-meta">
  						<div class="gb-info-author">
  							<p><strong>{{ 'THEME_UNICO.SITE.BY'|t }} </strong>{{ }}</p>
        {% endfor %}

If I put that snippet, I get the same reading time for all pages… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

@marcocevoli And where is snippet {{ page.content|readingtime }} ?

If it is used in this template, it should probably be {{ child.content|readingtime }}

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That was the page before I put the snippet.

BTW, by trial and error, I’ve found out that the correct snippet indeed is:
{{ child.content|readingtime }}

This way it works.

@marcocevoli see my answer above…

Yes, we crosspost. :slight_smile: