CascadeFilter Plugin Returns Empty Filter Array

Does anyone have any experience with the CascadeFilters Plugin? I am attempting to setup the filter in as straightforward a manner as I can, but all that ever appears is the “Clear All Filters” button. In the interest of simplicity I have set this up using the antimatter theme. The setup features the blog.html.twig theme templates, which also include partials: sidebar.html.twig and blog_item.html.twig.

  1. I have placed the first segment of code in the sidebar.html.twig file (where I want the filter list to appear).
  2. I then placed the set collection query in the blog.html.twig collection page.

Did I misunderstand the instructions? Has anyone successfully set this up in a github repo where I might examine your code. Any suggestion or guidance is appreciated.

Hey moriartp,

sorry for only sharing the same issue regarding that plugin and NOT having a solution for it yet. I did it quite similiar to your approach, plus I’ve tried it with a basic installation of GRAV (1.5.6 and 1.5.7) including all dependencies needed to get it set up right.

All I get right now is a list of all available categories and tags, but I’m not able to filter any results correctly - all buttons are inactive. I don’t find any further docs regarding this issue, nor I do find any other manual/video.
I see now, it’s nearly a year ago since you’ve posted this - did you had any success in the meantime?