Sub pages won't display

After uploading a new install of Grav Helium site via FTP I can only access the homepage - all subpages come up with an under construction placeholder. The site worked perfectly locally using MAMP.
I’ve tried checking the htaccess by following the instructions in the troubleshooting documentation and everything seems OK. I then replaced with “# RewriteBase /” with “RewriteBase /pages” in the htaccess file. This didn’t change anything.
I’ve also read that making changes to “AllowOverride All” might work, however I can’t find where I’m supposed to make the changes.
Thank you! - I’m 3 days into my Grav learning curve and any help would be much appreciated!

The “under construction” page might be generated by your hosting, as there is no such thing in Grav.

You might have a 404 Page Not Found issue, of which most common causes are listed in

I’m pretty sure that it was my host’s way of generating a 404 error. I’ve managed to sort it now - I had misunderstood the “RewriteBase” instructions for the htaccess file. I was configuring it for the structure of the grav installation not the hierarchy of the host setup. Thanks anyway!