Problem installing scholar theme

Hi all,
after a few weeks using a grav site and a simple theme, now I would like to go further.
Yesterday I wanted to install scholar theme wich seems to have all features I need, and when installing, it claims “Dependency error is required in an older version than the one installed. This package must be updated. Please get in touch with its developer.”
As far as I understand, that means my grav install is so “up to date” for this theme.
Considering “new is better than old”, is there an option (in command line perhaps ?) to force package install even if the required dependency is to recent ?
Thanks for any answer :slight_smile:

Scholar is currently locked to the stable-branch of Grav Core, but because the GPM does not resolve SemVer-versions correctly, I cannot lock it to 1.6.*. Besides installing the skeleton, you can safely assume that Scholar works with pretty much all Grav versions within the 1.6 minor-branch.

Mind you, as you have probably noticed, templates and hence filenames for Markdown-files, vary wildly between themes. Scholar uses its own concept of what Pages are.

The reason Scholar is locked to 1.6 is because 1.7 is too unstable to reliably develop the theme for. Even though I can make it work between testing-versions, some releases have broken APIs too far, and I won’t make it compatible again until 1.7 reaches maturity.

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Thanks for answering.
Of course I understand all these concepts, and I’m sure you will make it work when necessary :wink: I know how much work it represents.
My real question was basically if I can force the install, obsviously for test purpose of course :grin:

I don’t think the Admin-plugin has an option to force installs, and the GPM’s --force parameter appears to only “Force re-fetching the data from remote”. However, any extension is basically just a folder with files. You can download the theme directly, or even clone it with

The version-constraints are only checked when installing with Admin or GPM, anything moved into /user/themes or /user/plugins will be ran by Grav.