Help with themes needed

Just started to try out Grav, but having problems installing themes.

If I install Grav using a skeleton, everything fine, included theme looks great

If I install Core Grav with Admin, and then install a theme using “bin/gpm install” it doesn’t seem to show the theme correctly after selecting it. It just shows the (sample) text with no formatting/images/etc

Am I doing soemthing wrong? Is there another way to install themes from within the Admin Dashboard?

Cheers inadvance


OK I found the ADD button in Dashboard/Themes but when I activate a new them I get “Template “home.html.twig” is not defined.” + a load of debugging info

Each theme needs to provide the appropriate ‘twig templates’ for each page type of your pages/ content. Eg. by default will look for a templates/home.html.twig template file in your theme, will look for default.html.twig, etc.