Gateway inheritance theme issues


I have tried with the Gateway theme to do the inheritance steps, so that I won’t have any problems with any updates, but I then completely broke the stuff I deed on my website. I did follow the steps of the Grav documentation and I did it manually.
Here is the link of the one I followed :

And then I found another one :

They are slightly different it seems (to me anyway).

Does anyone have any idea of what I did wrong ?

Thanks in advance,

PS (I am completely novice at this)

I remember following steps manually ended up in non working theme for me. Using bin/plugin devtools new-theme and choosing inheritance went smoothly and there were no issues. Didn’t bother to check the differences, because I ended up creating my own theme anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

So I removed everything I did manually, got the devtools plugin and I am trying to do it this way and it puts me this message :
var/www/html# bin/plugin devtools new-theme
bash: bin/plugin: Permission denied

I am root and log in as an SU on my server, so I don’t understand why it puts Permission denied. Any idea ?


Oh, I’m probably the last person to advise on permissions, but I think you need to log in with some web user or something :smiley:


I did found out the issue, it might be useful for anyone in the future as it is not in the Grav documentation.

If the permission is denied, in front of the commands :
bin/gpm install devtools, and
bin/plugin devtools new-theme

there should be :
php bin/gpm install devtools
php plugin devtools new-theme

also, I then did exactly as the manual, but the name of the new theme is written differently in the commands and it shouldn’t (did not know that ! :upside_down_face:)
bin/plugin devtools new-theme

Enter Theme Name: MyTheme
Enter Theme Description: My New Theme
Enter Developer Name: Acme Corp
Enter Developer Email:
Please choose a template type
[pure-blank ] Basic Theme using Pure.css
[inheritance] Inherit from another theme
[copy ] Copy another theme


SUCCESS theme mytheme → Created Successfully

Path: /www/user/themes/my-theme

The only thing is that my logo is gone on the home page, another issue to solve :wink:

Thanks for your time anyway :slightly_smiling_face:,

php ... is only needed on Windows I think :thinking:

Apparently not, as I work with Linux Debian and my server is a Linux.