Problem in Tag link

I Downloaded skeleton blog site, and everything’s going right
But, when i click a Tag in Popular Tags widget, it throw Error 403
Can anyone help me?
p/s: sorry for my English

There is an obscure but persistent issue with Apache on Windows causing a 403 forbidden error.

Basically Apache won’t allow the : in the URL that works on other systems due to a security concern based on the fact that windows paths can have colons in them: C:\some\path.

We have addressed this by providing a configurable option for the parameter separator that is defaulting to :

Simple edit your user/config/system.yaml and add this at the top:

param_sep: ';'  

This will configure Grav to use a semicolon, rather than a colon for parameters such as will now be:;something

It worked, thank for your help :slight_smile: