Slash in URL

Is it possible to switch from a url like /tag:tagnamehere to /tag/tagname?

Well, you can change the parameter here ( but I don’t know if Grav will parse it correctly if it’s a slash. Only one way to find out :slight_smile:

That will break things quite badly! How does it know it’s a param and not a route? It will simply not be reliable with /

so is there anyway to do it with routes etc?

I don’t quite recall the name of the thread, but I think I accomplished a working proof of concept for doing so through masking in .htaccess, and made some note somewhere of how to altar the routes to accomplish the same. However as rhukster noted, there are issues of reliability as we’re fitting a square peg into a round hole.

Dang. I like the look of the / separator but if it’s a bad option I’ll skip it. Thanks :slight_smile: