Colon in url

Apache on windows has a known bug/issue with colons in the URL.
Any chance that a future version of Grav might use a different serperator?
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Let me investigate a little…

Well I can reproduce it, and yes, I can see extensive comments on this on the net. Unfortunately this is not a trivial thing to change. it’s somewhat embedded in Grav and a change could impact lots of Grav installations. I looked at the ability to have this configurable, but even that is not trivial a thing. I’m going to continue to look for workarounds however…

Many thanks! Here is my list of modifications to replace colon (:slight_smile: with semicolon (:wink: as separator in Grav v0.9.17
system\src\Grav\Common\Uri.php line 81 - 86

    if (strpos($uri, ';')) {
        $bits = explode('/', $uri);
        $path = array();
        foreach ($bits as $bit) {
            if (strpos($bit, ';') !== false) {
                $param = explode(';', $bit);

user\plugins\pagination\classes\paginationhelper.php line 53

        $this->items[$x] = new PaginationPage($x, '/page;'.$x);

And in the twig file of my theme:
user hemes
otepad emplates\partials\article.html.twig line 27
{% for tag in post.taxonomy.tag %}{{ tag }}{%if not loop.last %} {% endif %},{% endfor %}

There maybe more but it works for ‘page:’ and ‘tag:’

Ok, I think I have a good solution for this. Basically i’ve made this separator configurable. It will default to : as this works for most scenarios, but you can change it to ; or ~, or whatever char works best for you. unfortunately this means a bunch of plugins and themes will get updated to provide support for the dynamic variable. However, because we are defaulting to : still, it should be a pretty painless experience.

I remember this bug, it’s for windows only and working only in the first segment, if you put the grav site inside a folder, example you have


this not get any error to apache windows.
I have already investigate in the past for this choice to use a vagrant machine and remove all the possible bugs into windows machine :stuck_out_tongue: