Please - TNT Search Plugin GRAV Result in White (Data is already indexed)


I’m using the TNT Search plugin which is another AMAZING plugin for GRAV. But something very strange is happening. Because he indexed every page of the site, but when I search it does not bring the results.

I accessed Sqlite3 by finishing and I accessed the file grav.index and all data is actually there, but it can not get them.

if you want to test this is the site
Word Search to search for “Boruto” - “Naruto” - “Dragon Ball”

My settings are:
Vesta Panel
Ubuntu 16
Nginx + Phpfpm

A search of issues at TNTSearch (the main library used in the grav plugin) yielded nothing similar ( ).

So assuming this is then Grav specific, and that the data actually exists in the SQL file, the problem is how the page is displayed by Grav core (possible cache related and clearing the cache may help) or with the Grav TNT Search module itself. I am evaluating Grav TNT search on a big site and cannot replicate the issue.

Since Grav-TNT-search Javascript compatibility issues with other libraries have been reported, you may want to investigate what Javascript libraries you use. I would selectively disable Javascript libraries to see if it effects the search.

You may want to submit an issue on the Grav TNT search page on Github ( )


Thanks for your answer.
But this site works perfectly localhost, the difference is that location is Apache and the server is Nginx.

I already cleaned the cache did not effect effect, I was analyzing in the browser and I see that localhost is guarded some cookies that are not stored on the production server this seems to me to have any relation to the problem.