Find images with TNTSearch

I am working on a modular Website using Grav CMS. I have already installed and set up the “TNTSearch”-plugin as shown in the documentation and it is working.
My customer wants to show some products on the website. Is it possible to search for products with tntsearch and find the accompanying image? At the moment, tntsearch is only looking for the indexed words. He can not find the images shown on the side.


Hi Mirco.

As you can overwrite the result template, yes, that’s possible. You can load a page using

{% set page = page.find('some/other/page') %}

<div id="about-us">
  {{ page.content }}

and as you dispose of the necessary information, the path to the product, you can fetch all the related data like content,, etc.

Yeah! That’s it. Thank you so much! :slight_smile: