Tntsearch issues with search results - in multilingual app

Hi there,

As this is my first post here, Allow me to greet the GRAV team for the best cms ever !

I have a mutilingual (fr + de) knowledge management tool based on Grav.
Search engine is TNTSEARCH.

The German results yielded by the engine are inconsistent (fr works pretty good).
The most crtical behaviour is that when you enter the copy pasted title of a doc the engine yield no results. I tried different config combinaison (german stemmer, fuzzy false etc… ) without tangible results.

Before digging into the plugin’s code or querying the tnt search root team, i wonder if any of you could share some leads on how to narrow down the issue.

Thanks in advance !

I solved this issue by creating an index for each available language then query the related index. Working good, but Not sure it is the proper way though.