Param_sep variable not writing - 403 persists

Windows is a bit more painful to do dev work, sure, but it is necessary. After reading/implementing the param_sep: ‘;’ from the docs, manually typing the url with the ‘;’ separator works. But the links are still written with ‘:’. Error persists despite trying to add this change in both the user and system ‘system.yaml’ files. Cache deleted, browser cache cleared, taxonomy links still generate 403 error. So any help is appreciated… why don’t the links pickup the change?


I’m using Grav on Win 7 in a special MicroApache environment. And until now I experienced no problems with it. However your problem is due to a hardcoded “link” inside the Twig template user/plugins/taxonomylist/templates/partials/taxonomylist.html.twig. The best is to copy this file into your current theme under template/partials folder and change L8 to

<a href="{{ base_url }}/tag{{ config.system.param_sep }},{{ tax|e('url') }}">{{ tax }}</a>

You can then change your setting in your system.yaml to any value you like and see that the taxonomy links will respect your changes.

I am testing the ‘Sora’ skeleton site which already has this on L8 - but moved the file per your suggestion [cleared cache, etc] to no avail. Still searching for why this variable is not writing. Sorry, I am grateful for your help nonetheless.

I now see that blog_item.html.twig is hard-coded. Trying to output the variable there without success… yet.

Hm, this can’t be (1st answer). I just checcked the repository and the Sora Article skeleton and there is no user/themes/soraarticle/templates/partials/taxonomylist.html.twig present… But ok, I was on the wrong track, because I assumed you have Antimatter installed.

The Sora Article skeleton has the same problem as described above. Change L50 to

<a href="{{ base_url }}/tag{{ config.system.param_sep }},{{ tag }}" rel="tag">{{ tag }},{% if not loop.last %}, {% endif %}</a>

(the {{ config.system.param_sep }} is important) and then it should work.

Ok, you may have changed that. Can you check, that you setup the system.yaml correctly?

param_sep: ';'

(no indentation, be sure that there are no tab stops in the file)

I now understand that this theme is hard-coded and that replacing the ':" with ‘{{param_sep}}’ will not work. It needs to be ‘{{config.system.param_sep}}’ as you stated with your code sample and emphasis above. It finally works and I learned that I cannot assume these templates are using variables throughout. Thank you. Yay.

Glad to hear! Yes, it is not intuitive but this is Gravs ecosystem. Templates are tightly coupled to content and thus you need to change your template, if you want to add a new feature. The param_sep was introduced in Grav 0.9.18, long time ago, but the Sora theme and others have not been updated since to reflect the new abilities.

Andy pull requests to add the separator config option to these other themes and plugins that might not have support for it, would always be appreciated.