Admin Panel, manage pages... paginate?

So, here’s the thing. I’m using Grav as a localhost writing archive. The growing problem I seem to be having is that… the manage pages in the admin panel doesn’t actually paginate. It’s something that might end up pushing me back to a more automated cms. ;-; [ There will be over 10,000 blog Items when I’ve finished. For obvious reasons, I would prefer not to have them all load onto a page at once. ] Is this something I can add myself / is a planned update / wasn’t even on the radar?

While sites with 10.000+ pages are not in the front row when we look at the Grav use cases, it’s certainly a problem in this case.

One way to handle those many pages is to have them excluded from the normal pages list, hierarchical, and instead have another menu item, which could be managed by a plugin, which would make it easier to manage sites with thousands of pages, just with that use case in mind, because in my opinion you can’t have the same screen work great for a small amount of pages, AND for a huge amount of pages.