Creating blog overview page - just images and titles

Sorry if this is a duplicate - I may have deleted my last post (its very late here).

I’m trying to create a blog list / overview page containing just the titles of each blog post along with a thumbnail of the header image.

The code below will give me the entire post (image, body text & title), but i’d rather just have the image and title separately. Any suggestions are appreciated.

			{% for child in collection %}
		        {% include 'partials/blog_item.html.twig' with {'blog':page, 'page':child, 'truncate':true} %}
		    {% endfor %}

you will need to create/modify/override the partial that you use. The blog_item.html.twig displays a summary with title/content. You could simply create a blog_miniview.html.twig or something, and use a modified version of the blog_item code to just display an image.

Thanks - though just to clarify, there’s no way to access the image in the same fashion that I would get the url with {{child.url}} or the title with {{child.title}} in a {{for child in collection}} loop? I’m very new to Grav but that method feels logical to me.