Order of Processing Files

Is there some way to know the order that twig files are processed and which ones they are and where the processing starts?

I have a programming background and I’m used to being able to use a debugger and step through or over lines of code. I could see exactly on what line and in what file I would be able to add or fix code. Is there something similar in the world of PHP and Twig that you can set a break point and “walk” through the lines of code, line by line, to be able to see what it’s doing?

It’s a great way to learn how it all works. I’m from the .Net side of things and all the syntax, naming conventions and so on is all really new to me. But the basic concepts are all very similar. This is being a real hands-on experience for me. I’ve been reading the Grav documentation and SymfonyHub in an effort to get a handle on it – any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!