Inexperienced Programmer needs better understanding of Twig

Hi, I am new to Grav and relatively new to programming. I know HTML and CSS but am not a programmer. I’m finding the documentation is going over my head and I’m not sure how to develop my custom template further. Are there any tutorials out there that would help me writing Twig and also to become an expert at custom Grav Theme development?

@jimheil, Welcome to the forum!

Did you try a search on Google? Like: Twig tutorial.

Twig for Template Designers is a good starting point straight from the source.

Thanks! I’ve looked at that. I’m actually using 2.0 because I started with the tutorial on Tutsplus and that’s what she was using. Would learning PHP and Symphony help me better understand Grav and Twig?


My experience:

  • Twig: If you want to make changes to existing themes, knowledge about Twig is almost a requirement. Unless changing some config variables will do.
    And there are also Grav users who get things done solely based on questions/answers here on the forum :slight_smile:
  • PHP: You don’t need to learn PHP to understand Twig, nor Grav.
    Learning PHP becomes a necessity though when you start building a Grav plugin.
  • Symfony: No, you don’t need to know about Symfony. I have never looked at it myself…

Having said that, all knowledge helps, but it all depends on how deep your want to go down the rabbit hole…

oh thanks! I do want to learn plugins at some point.

@jimheil, For most common extensions to Grav, there are already plugins available. See the plugin list.

And writing your own plugin for the fun of it is also a good way to expand your scope/knowledge :wink: