Not getting 404?

my installation works, but if i try for a non-existant file, eg i get a runtime exception and error trace.

am i not in production mode?

i went through system.yaml to switch off all debug and enable all cache, but is there another place.

or am i missing a 404 file perhaps?

What does the error say? Just a question, are you using PHP7? In this case disable the PHP APCu cache extension, which currently gives problems with the Doctrine cache we’re using.

using php 5.6.14

  1. RuntimeException
  2. Grav\Common\Grav Grav\Common{closure}
  3. Pimple\Container offsetGet
  4. Grav\Common\Twig\Twig processSite
  5. Grav\Common\Grav Grav\Common{closure}
  6. Pimple\Container offsetGet
  7. Grav\Common\Grav process

Is the error plugin installed and enabled?

no. should it be?

ahah! that’s it. im missing the plugin. i just put it in and it works. thanks!

yes, that what is. just a note to anyone else who gets this:

i foolishly got the grav repo then installed the admin plugin manually rather than then packaged download. doing this does not contain the error plugin.

Oh yes in that case you need to run bin/grav install, that will take care of the dependencies :slight_smile: