RuntimeException (404) Page Not Found

Hello everyone. Very strange thing is happening. Uploaded all the files, checked the permissions. Everything should be fine, but 404! :frowning:
The error page is here:

Any ideas what might be the problem? I’m guessing that this path is not correct?


There should be no double www after But why is it so?

from the log:

[2016-05-02 13:52:42] grav.CRITICAL: Page Not Found - Trace: #0 /var/www/u0056176/data/www/ ntainer.php(113): Grav\Common\Grav::Grav\Common{closure}(Object(Grav\Common\Grav$

Most likey it’s something from this page in the docs that covers comment 404 error problems and their resolutions

The hosting is using FastCgi PHP mode. Is it possible that this causes the trouble? If yes, how can i configure it to run the system if i have access to PHP.ini?

Fastcgi PHP is pretty normal, and not generally a cause of this issue directly. It’s weird because not even the index.php is found. Are you sure your virtualhost is configured properly?

The problem is solved. Server misconfiguration. We changed .htaccess a little for that and the problem disappeared.

Andy, anything about the Inline Editing feature? Really miss it. Holds me from selling the system to clients.

Someone just needs to build an inline editor plugin. I can’t do everything :slight_smile:

Ok, I see, but this functionality is “by default” in pro version? Am I correct?