No admin directory

I’ve downloaded the official zip pack with admin plugin…
I’ve unzipped it localy and transfered all the files by ftp on a shared server on Ionos (I have all the files online, for instance .htaccess).
When I reach the address of my website, linked to the directory where files are, I have a Error 500 message.
Of course, the address becomes but… there’s no admin directory online.
I’m used to installing Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, etc. by FTP tranfer. I would like to continue with this easy way…
Why is there no admin directory ? Where can I find it so as to transfert it by ftp and launch my Grav installation.
Many thanks in advance…

Hi Stéphane
Where are you checking for the admin directory?
It is not where you would expect it from the URL.
Admin is a plugin and the directory should be under user/plugins/admin.
Assuming it is present, then it could be a path or permissions issue.

Did you ftp the files separately? there are hidden files which you may have missed.

I recommend upload complete zip file and unzipping via you server management console to ensure everything is present and permissions are correct.
It pretty much a failsafe method of installing.

To familiarise yourself with Grav. i recommend downloading a portable server e.g.
Uniserver or Laragon and having a play locally

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your answer.

I was looking for this directory “on line”, so on the server, with FTP.

But I’ve now realized that this directory is in fact “virtual” (created by the plugin). Not clear to me with the FAQ :wink:

To solve my concern, I’ve “just” uncommented the “RewriteBase /” line at the beginning of the .htaccess file. I’ve found this information “deeply” in a long conversation of the forum (this one, or an other one, I don’t remember - I think it woud deserve to be clearer in the official installation guide).
And now it’s okay…

I hope these few informations could help someone used to working with other CMS.

Best regards.