I keep getting redirected to an admin directory which doesn't exist!

Hi, I just tried to add this in discourse and discourse ate it up! No idea where it went… is there an IRC channel to get help instead?

Anyway to repeat the question the issue is I installed grav by downloading the grav+admin plugin zip and extracting it in the www dir of my debian box- it gets past the first “issues found” screen showing some permissions issues which I corrected, but now it goes to localhost/mygravtest/admin and this last admin part doesn’t exist.

Somewhere in the documentation it said when you install the admin plugin together you need to somehow create a user, but I am lost as to wether this is the missing step or if it’s an apache module missing or what. Thanks and I am sure this issue is simple to solve but I did search a lot through this discourse forum and through the FAQ, Troubleshooting and 404 not found page on the documentation to no avail.