News and gallery

I’m having fun with this theme …
I would like to add a gallery in a new one but all my failed attempts …
do you have any advice?
I have about 15 photos to put with some text.
and there I block
My theme:
a thousand thanks in advance

It would help to know some highlights of your failed attempts.

I just did something similar with metadata for media files. As I learned today, you can edit them with this plugin from the Admin interface. Rest is just this bit of code, wherever you need it:

{% for image in  %}
  <div class="item">
    <a href="{{ image.url }}" data-lightbox="{{ page.title }}" data-title="{{ page.title }}" class="{{ page.title }}">{{ image.resize(188, 188).html(page.title,'','shadow') }}</a>
{% endfor %}