Photographer theme. Few newb questions

First off all, Hi all, this new forum looks great, congrats!

I like the photographer theme, but, since I’m post wordpress orphan, I can’t find a way to change logo in that theme.
I even tried to switch logo.png in folders, with no effect. Can someone help me with this? Is there a specific tutorial for those who want edit existing themes?

Thank you in advance.

1. theme repo:
2. theme demo:

Your really going to struggle with web development unless you understand how to use the web-developer tools in your browser. With these you will be able to identify the part of the HTML or CSS that needs to be modified.

In this case it’s clear that the logo.png is all that needs to be changed:

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Well, as it turns out, I switched the right *.png in the beggining, but I didn’t clear the cache and cookies in a browser. :sweat:
Can I leave this topic open, in case other Photographer questions arrives, or do you prefer question in separate topics?
Thanks for reminding me about the tools. ;]