Multisite vs Several single Grav install

Almost all my websites run on Grav nowadays.
I host them on single Digital Ocean 5$ droplet and thought about hosting 2 or 3 of them (low traffic)on a single droplet.

On my dev droplet ( also a 5$ droplet), I run as far as 10 parallel single grav install with no problem. of course, there is no traffic except myself.

So, should I encounter some problem if I run 2 or more parallel grav install in production? is there a real performance gain if I make a single Grav installation manage multiple site?

Any experience on this?

Thanks in advance,


There are still some rough edges with Admin managing multiple sites altogether, but Grav itself will have no issues.

Yes, but is it better for server performance to have a single install manage multiple site, or is it ok to have several Grav instance on a single server?