Grav installation for multiple projects/domains

Im thinking about creating more sites powered by Grav. To make my life easier id like to have only one Grav installation symlinked into each project. Server is Apache2 and configured usuall way: each domain has own directory, own root.

Is there any better way than to create one System directory (Grav itself) and link this dir into each Grav powered site? Other directories like cache, assest aso will be project/directory specific, so unique, so made locally without any linking.

This way id like to share themes, plugins aso. Anybody has something similliar? To be clear, all projects run separate domain, so its not the case about or

Thanks for tips or making me sure to go this way.

You’re looking for Multisite

I already read multisite, but i thought its just about the case one domain + subdomains. Thanks, i will read more carefully.