Multiples files can't be transferred to remote site in Filezilla

Hi everybody! I have downloaded and installed grav on my computer then wanted to transfer all these files in the www folder of my remote site on Filezilla. But some files (like the webserver-configs and some in the vendor directory) can’t be transferred. As a result, my website only shows an empty index and not the default home page :frowning: Can anybody help?
(Am running on Windows 8.1 with the latest version of Filezilla, website is on OVH)

I may have an explanation: The website I want to set up is limited to 10Mb and the whole grav package is slightly heavier than 10Mb. Does anybody know if there are files I can go without and still have a functioning grav? Thanks!

The Grav package is just the bare bones.
Without plugins or theme it’s ~7Mb, but you’ll need a theme and some plugins. Plus, consider images and other assets you’ll want to load.

You need to find a hosting that allows more than 10Mb, which is very low. It’s not uncommon for hosts to offer (virtually) unlimited space.